A Tip For Your Script


Animated explainer video does not consist only of animations and characters. Before even these elements are made, the professional explainer has to put a lot of time and energy to come up with a concrete story for the video.
So how does one write a concrete explainer video script to keep the people engaged? Here are a few tips that’ll help you create a great script for the explainer video script.

1) The script structure

Every Hollywood movie script is based on a simple structure. It is okay for your video to follow it as well. You can get the assurance that your video script will have the same amount engagement for your audience. Hollywood flick. Talking about the structure, there are three questions you must ask What? How? Why?
‘What?’ Must be the very first thing your video must be able to explain to the audience about what problem or issue it is going to solve. You are guaranteed engagement right till the end. Ensure that your video better explain the “What” because it is the reason people came looking for your animated explainer video.

Once you’ve tackled the first question, you must then explain “how” the issue of the audience can be solved. The solutions should be on point and direct. The audience has to grab instantly so avoid any over detailing or promotions.
You have now explained how to solve the problems. Now the important one, why should the people choose your product? Definitely there are other companies that provide the same services and products. This part is comes under the sales category because this is the part where you describe your products, features, benefits etc. You don’t have to be salesy throughout the duration of the video. Save it for the end.
Always stick to the classic structure. It is a tried and tested solution which is known by everyone in the world.

2) Keep it Short

People aren’t going to watch a video if the length of the video is long. It’s a fact that 85% of people will watch an ad of 30 secondsbut only half the people will watch the whole ad video if its two minutes long. The views on the video will drop faster if the marketing video is made over two minutes long.
Your marketing video is defined by the video. So how do you keep the video script short. Very simple! Keep it down to 160 words. A 160 words come down to approximately a minute on video which is close to perfect. At the most, You can make a 240 words can make 90 seconds on video which is more than enough time to explain your product or service on the video.

3)Being on Point 

Now that you’re aware of the length and the amount of content you need to put on, it is essential to know what content
needs to be put on. As its a  60-second video or a 90-second video, the content needs to be on point. Do not wander away from the topic or your product explanation. As long as your content is on track, you’re sure to have engagement because that’s people have to come to your explainer video. Being on point steers your audience away from boredom.
One more tip to keep your viewers attached is to keep it simple and subtle. Avoid trying to explain your complete product or service concepts in the two-minute duration. Keep doing this till you have a decent number of viewers (more like a fan base). If you have a clear vision of what you need to include, you’ll definitely build a good audience. Once you have that, you can later make longer videos that explain your product and service because there are people that will watch with interest.
4)Call to Action

There are things as a company you expect the audience to do after watching your video. Make sure you mention it in the end of the script. Be it downloading a video or sharing your content on social media, your call-to-action must be straight and clear. Avoid making numerous call-to-actions. It’ll create confusion amongst the audience and will also spoil all your efforts and may have zero effect on the audience.
Although, you can have multiple call-to-action depending on the marketing strategy. You can use various call to actions but different ones on different campaign or videos to check which is more successful.

So these were a few tips to make your explainer video scripts short, precise and effective. Hope this post has been helpful. Do comment if below and let us know how you feel about the post. Thank you for reading.